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"Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow"

I'm ashamed to admit that "Spring Fever" has gotten the best of me.  Not only have I neglected my blog, but my work-in-progress also waned.  Don't get me wrong, I tried to write, but every time I looked out my office window, the sunshine, blooming trees and flowers seemed to call my name. 

      "Andrea," they said.  "Don't stay in that stuffy office a day longer, come and enjoy the day."
 Needless to say, it didn't take much prodding to draw me away.   Since I love writing, this should have been a tell-tell sign that I needed a break.  However, sometimes we refuse to see what's right in front of our noses.  If I had been thinking clearly, I would have seen that my mind was blocked.  There were days I'd walk into my office and the computer would sit there accusingly, as if to say, "Do something!" Unfortunately, the body was willing but the mind wasn't.  The words did not come.  Then, my block led to discouragement, wh…