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Feeling Vulnerable

It's time for another installment of the ISWG, hosted byAlex J. Cavanaugh. To learn more about this wonderful group, click on the preceding link.

I've posted my novel PAWN OF THE GODS on Kindle Scout, a publishing program ran by Amazon. It allows unpublished authors to post their work for thirty days. During that time, readers log on, read the excerpt (or not) and if they like what they see, they nominate the author for publication. At the end of the campaign, the nominations are tallied and the board votes on which books to publish. 

PAWN OF THE GODS has been up for a little over a week.  It was on the Hot and Trending list for nineteen hours, and more than one thousand seven-hundred visitors have viewed my excerpt.  All good stuff right? If that's true, why the hell am I so insecure? I suppose it's because I'm putting myself out there. It's tough to do, especially with such stiff competition. 

This said, if any of you are interested, I posted my link below.  If …

Pushing My Luck

Hello All,

It's been a couple of months since I updated my blog. I know, how shameful of me. I was enrolled in nursing school and it zapped every waking second of my days.  I've since decided that it wasn't for me, and well, what a relief.  This said, I'm probably pushing my luck since I haven't been on here for so long, but if any of you are merciful enough to forgive my absence, I'd appreciate it if you'd read the below blurb about the launch of my novel, PAWN OF THE GODS on Kindle Scout.  It's only up for thirty days so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

The thirty day launch for my novel, PAWN OF THE GODS began this morning on Kindle Scout. 

How It Works
My book is posted for thirty days, along with hundreds of others in various genres. Readers click the following book link: PAWN OF THE GODStake a gander at the first five chapters of the story, and decide whether they believe it's good enough for publication on Amazon. If the answer is y…