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Is it just me or has this summer flown by? In June our family visited Disney World. I soon discovered that summer is not the best time to vacation there. Not only was it hotter than the hubs of Hell, but the wait for most rides was at least forty minutes.

Despite the miserable heat, I did enjoy the new Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios. Hogwarts was an exact replica of what we've seen on the big screen. I mean they nailed it. There was fake snow on the castle roof. The fat lady in the picture sang and the employees wore the official Hogwart's robes.
Inside the castle, Harry Potter's ride took us on an adventure with Harry and his friends. Although it was really fun, since my feet dangled off the seat, I spent most of my time trying to keep my flip flops on. Word to the wise, if you ever visit Disney wear tennis shoes or sandals with a cinch.
Afterward, we ate at the Three Broomsticks Restaurant. Hung above the dimly lit bar was a huge boar's head that snort…