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A Great Resource for Writers

Hello my fellow aspiring novelists, I hope you've made lots of progress on your writing projects this month. Between the server problems with blogger, the time I've dedicated to writing my book, and running with the kids, it's a wonder I'm able to post anything at all. I've always admired the authors who are able to achieve a balance between these things. For some reason, I have a tough time juggling it all (obviously, since it's been more than a month since my last post). As always, I'll endeavor to do better this month.

Moving on to something more interesting than me, I've found a wonderful writer's site that my fellow A.N's may find helpful. As you all know, it's difficult to be objective when it comes to our writing. We're too close to it. Grammatical mistakes, plot holes and issues with pacing and flow tend to remain invisible during the editing process. This is quite daunting when an author has four hundred pages to correct. Hopin…