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Biting My Nails To The Nubbs

It's time for another installment of the ISWG, hosted by the illustrious Alex J. Cavanaugh.  For more information about this group, click here .

I've never been a nail biter until now.  As many of you know, my novel PAWN of THE GODS was part of a publishing campaign with Kindle Scout.  It ended a little over a week ago and still no word.  Although some might say, "No news is good news." I've received conflicting feedback about this. One writer told me  the winners are announced within the first few days, while the others are thrown into the slush pile to be sorted. Another writer told me the opposite, which leaves a lot of gray area.

So, here I sit, waiting and waiting, biting and biting my nails to the quick, wondering, is there hope? I suppose there's always hope, but I'm feeling very vulnerable and insecure about my book right now.  I've put my writing out there to be shredded by pro's, and I fear they'll caution me not to quit my day job, …