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Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

It's been a while since my last post.  Despite my best intentions to keep up with the blog, sometimes life gets in the way.  Seriously, it has been a whirl wind summer.  I had zero time to work on my manuscript in June.  Then, I hoped against hope that I could catch up in July.  Unfortunately, no such luck.

 West Virginia was hit hard by storms and our home lost electricity for ten days.  Just as that crisis ended, my husband informed me  he had to miss three days of  our week long family vacation, due to troubles at work.  Come to find out, his company declared Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy to restructure. He remained behind to inform the employees that their jobs were secure.  Although it could have turned out much worse, and I'm thankful we all still have incomes, it was a stressful time.

Now, that my life has finally settled down again, I have committed to writing at least five hundred words a day until my book is completed.  I hope to accomplish this before the JRW Writer's…