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Is There Something Wrong With Authors Who Write Dark Scenes in Novels?

Hello all,

I hope you're doing well. I recently received an email from a reader who finished my latest novel, PAWN OF THE GODS. He seemed quite upset about how dark it was in places, and even implied that only a bad person could come up with some of the scenes in my story. So, let's set aside the fact that it's listed under the Dark Fantasy section on Amazon, and disturbing scenes should not be a surprise in this genre; I tried not to take the accusation personally. This reader didn't know me and his opinions were based solely on conjecture. However, it got me to thinking about how many other people might have similar thoughts when reading a novel. I decided to briefly explain my process when writing dark and disturbing scenes.

As an author who tries to write authentic characters, I'm often forced to consider what would go through their minds, particularly in the case of a villain. Then,I put that character's thoughts into action. If I were writing about a ser…

Andrea Franco-Cook's New Release PAWN OF THE GODS

Hello all,
I just wanted to announce the launch of my debut novel PAWN OF THE GODS. It's published for free on Amazon Kindle until May 22.  After that, it will go on sale for $3.99. PAWN OF THE GODS

Book Summary
According to Mayan prophecy the gods of the underworld will declare war on man. Their undoing however, lies hidden deep in the Yucatan in 1572, when a winged entrusted a celestial weapon to a Spanish Conquistador for safe keeping.
Five hundred years later, the winged god reveals himself to Soledad Mendoza, detailing how she is tied to the conquistador, and the impending war. But the young English professor is unsure of herself. Out of shape and a lonely widow at thirty, her predilection for scotch makes her more suited to join a twelve-step program, than become a hero.
Unfortunately, Soledad is forced into action when she learns her family friend, Senator Earl Edmondson has ties to the conquistador and the weapon, ties that could either harm or help her.
A pawn caught in a dan…

ISWG--The Spring Time Grind

It's time for another installment of the ISWG. For those who would like to learn more about this supportive and helpful membership, please click on our illustrious host's name:Alex J. Cavanaugh

Hello All,

Time flies. It seems like I just submitted April's ISWG post, and in the blink of an eye, I'm back at my computer drafting another one.  I've decided to address Alex's question of the month regarding whether or not the season inspires me to write more than others. After giving this some thought, I"d have to answer with a resounding NO!!! For some reason, my writing muse heads off for holiday during spring. I always feel restless and unable to concentrate, especially if the sun is out. I guess it's my body's way of saying get your middle-aged-spreading-butt out of the chair and go outside. 

Yesterday, I piddled on the computer, then I potted a bunch of plants. I also bought a new hybrid bicycle. As you can see, I did everything but work on my story. H…