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Count Your Blessings

Hello everyone,

Hope the holidays have brought good tidings.  Mine have been bitter sweet, for it's difficult to enjoy this blessed season of celebration when there's so much heartache in the world. The Connecticut tragedy in particular really hit close to home.   I don't want to be the person who revives bad memories, but since I cannot make sense of the event, the least I can do is learn something from it.  You see, I am a complainer by nature and each Christmas seems to bring plenty of material.  This season for example, I hosted a party for about 30 people, took photos for our card and mailed them out, spent myself into oblivion purchasing presents for loved ones and devoted countless hours to wrapping the gifts.

 Normally I'd grumble about how hectic and demanding the season has been and essentially, would only address the negative aspects of Christmas, but not this year. The tragedy has taught me to focus on the  positive, for my life could be so much worse. I f…

Insecure Writer's Group--Many Thanks

Hello Everyone it's time for another Insecure Writer's Group Post.  This month I actually have something positive to report.  As many of you know, I have been working on my novel for the past three years.  The journey wasn't easy.  There were times I experienced such strong feelings of frustration and disillusionment over the work I produced, that I seriously considered abandoning the project.  Yet, somehow, I overcame those emotions and pressed forward.

Well, I'm proud to tell you my hard work paid off.  Last Sunday I finally completed the part of my story that took place in the sixteenth-century Mayan jungle. The archaic language and unfamiliar setting made it by far, the most difficult portion to write. Words cannot describe the sense of relief and elation I experienced in the tearful moments I composed my closing paragraph.  I can honestly say I've never felt anything like it before.

I only have three more chapters left in the portion of my novel that takes …