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A Year For Closure

Hello all, Its  time to post another entry for the Insecure Writer's Group, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh'  If you have time, please show your support by dropping in and reading what other writers are discussing. 
As for me, I'm just pleased to have a place to vent about my writing experiences. 

After three years and counting, I still haven't finished my novel and there are days this really frustrates me. Perhaps the inordinate amount of time I've devoted to my project is due to my Type-A side, or maybe it's attributed to a fear of letting go.  Whatever the case, I've concluded that all things must come to an end, so last week I resolved to make 2013 the year for closure.  This means completing my manuscript no matter what. 

So far I’ve written 290 pages of the third draft of my story.  If I dedicate four hours a day, everyday, then the book should be finished by the end of April.  The novel begins in the 16th century Mayan jungle and ends in a supernatural cons…