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Counting the Days

It's time for another installment of the ISWG hosted by the wonderfully supportive Alex J. Cavanaugh. To learn more about this group click on the host's name.

Well, not much has changed from last month.  I'm still overwhelmed by nursing classes, studying all the time, etc.  I often find myself day dreaming about my current WIP that's steadily collecting dust in the archives of my computer.  I've tried to write late at night (the only time I'm free) but by that time, exhaustion has set in, leaving my brain so crispy fried from studying, I can hardly articulate a sentence, much less progress a story line.

But all is not lost, sometimes the sun does shine through the grayness. I took a lot of last month's advice  to heart, and I've been jotting down ideas as they come to mind, etc.  Thanksgiving break is coming soon and I plan to write, rewrite and write again.  I'm counting the days till I can dive back into my story.  It's been too long. Hope th…