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Hope For New Authors

This group meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Purpose: To allow writers to express their doubts and concerns in an encouraging and supportive setting.   If you're interested in learning more about this group, click on the following link:Alex J. Cavanaugh
Hello All,
It's time for another ISWG post. I realize this is the A-Z challenge, but I've decided to ignore convention and share some news which I believe will benefit many of you.

Last week I attended the Algonkian Pitch Conference in NYC.  It was an expensive trip, but I found it was money well spent. The host and moderator, Michael Neff, genuinely wanted our projects to succeed.  On the first day, he dissected each of our plots and story arcs until they were down to the bare bones.  Although his critiques were tactful, they were also brutally honest.  Many of us had a tough time accepting that our stories weren't the masterpieces we thought them to be.  

The following day, the group had an opportunity to pra…