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The Power of Words

Hello Everyone,
It's time for another Insecure Writer's Group post.   A few weeks ago I submitted a  chapter from my work-in-progress to one of my writer's groups for review.  During the critique, I received some mixed responses.  While some enjoyed the piece, others were disturbed by it.  
The conflict over my chapter got me to thinking about just how dangerous words can be.  Some have argued that they are a tool used  to persuade a reader into seeing the world from the writer's point of view. Although in theory this is true, the danger does not lie in the meaning of the words, but in how they are interpreted.  In the case of my chapter, each reader honed in on certain elements of the story.  In fact, a couple fixated on one of the smaller scenes, and in doing so, failed to see the big picture. 
Since the majority ruled that my piece was well written and easy to read, I did not understand the reason a couple of readers could not see past a certain scene. Since the me…