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The Dreaded Ending

Hello Everyone,
Hard to believe its time for another ISWG post.  The days have flown by and I really  don't feel like I  have much to show for  them.  I hoped to have the third draft of my novel completed by the first of May, but alas, this is not the case. Sigh.  I am at a place where all the pieces of my plot converge and  show the big picture. The chapter that captures this took me a month to write, but now that it's done, it was well worth the effort.With one of the most difficult parts of the novel completed, I can concentrate on finishing the final four chapters.

Completing the draft will be a major achievement, but I cannot bring myself to get too excited about it.  There is still so much left to done.  First, I'll have to ensure my story is organized in a manner where the plot flows well.  Since I've already identified places throughout the book that need to be rearranged, there is no doubt I will have to devote a substantial amount of time to this.  Then, I&…