Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Great Opportunity for Writers

Hello All, I hope life is treating you well. I'm bursting with excitement about the upcoming " First Page Critique Friday" sponsored by Slushbusters ( For those who wish to participate, submit the first 400-450 words of your manuscript in the body of an e-mail to (

The rules are simple, no explicit scenes or profanity is allowed. Once your submission is received, Slushbusters will let you know when it will be posted for critique. Then, once you've read all the comments for the week, you will be given the opportunity to submit a revision the following Wednesday.

I think this is a great opportunity to receive objective feedback about your manuscript. I've been told  most problems in writing can be identified in the first page, so if you happen to suffer from “adverbobia” or “adjectiveitous”, the critique is a great way to remedy those problems. I look forward to reading everyone’s first page on Slushbusters. Until next time, happy writing.