Monday, April 19, 2010

Pride In Creation

While venting about my work in progress last week, hubby asked me to explain the reason I had willingly taken on the frustrating and laborious task of writing a novel. He could not understand what drove me to stick with the process for more than a year.

I could have given some cookie cutter answer like, “It’s in my blood, I love the English language, or it is a way to get rid of all the stories floating around in my head.” Yet, in truth, that would have been a load of crap. None of these reasons could have motivated me to suffer through the pride swallowing, painstaking process of writing a novel. After all, there is no guarantee my work will ever be published, so I wondered, am I a masochist? Could I be the type of person who invites and enjoys misery just to be admired for forbearance?  Naw, that wasn't it.

I decided the reward is not the writing itself, that part sucks. What comes after sends the endorphins rushing through my veins. I take pride in my creation, a world filled with peculiar characters and compelling events which never existed before I put pen to paper. There is something so empowering about the end result, that nothing holds a candle to it. 

This said, since no two people are alike, it would be interesting to know what drives and motivates other aspiring novelists to see their works-in-progress through to the end. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this. Until next time, happy writing.