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Anti-Procrastination Challenge/Giveaway

Hello Everyone and Welcome,
Sorry for the delay in posting this thread, but I was busy grilling some shish kabobs for Karen G’s Labor Day barbeque at Coming Down the Mountain. Everyone’s invited so be sure and drop in for some mouth watering eats, and a friendly chat with your fellow bloggers. Hopefully interacting with other writer’s will motivate me to get cracking on my novel. I’ve been quite lax in my authorial duties lately.

Yesterday, I headed to inspiration station to catch the Writing train. However, I got lost along the way and wound up at Procrastination place. I must have turned left when I should have gone right, because I wound up in a chat jam, and there was no end in sight. As I lumbered through the writing threads, I realized my plight, I lacked motivation and my mind was wound too tight. So I took another right and stopped for the night to think up a way to turn on my light.

Okay, Okay, I’ll refrain from imposing anymore metaphors on you. I’m sure you get it. I’ve procrastinated a lot lately. Sometimes all I need is a good challenge to get me going again, so I decided to pose one to my fellow writers. A-hem, that would be all of you. I am hosting a word count contest next week. Whoever writes the most words by five o’clock Sunday, September 12, wins….drum roll please….ba da dum…a copy of Getting the Words Right, by Theodore A. Rees Cheney and a small box of chocolates.

Entry requirements are simple, contestants must follow my blog and register in the comments section by Tuesday, September 7 (another post will follow early next week). For those who don’t like contests, feel free to chime in with your word count next Sunday. This is not only a great motivational tool, but it will also be a lot of fun.

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