Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where Do We Find the Time To Write?


It's hard to believe November is already here. Where the heck did the time go?  At the beginning of October I endeavored to write at least two hours a day, five days a week.  Instead, I was lucky to get in a few hours two days a week. Something always came up.  I'd be okay with this if it was an isolated incident, but it's not.

 I'm insecure that I'll never finish my book because I simply can't find the time to write, and I'm so close at 300 pages.  To make matters worse, my idea journal if filling up fast.  I have so many cool stories I'd like to begin, but my personality is such that I can't take on a new project until I finish the first.  How the heck am I supposed to  accomplish this if I can't find the time to write?  I considered tackling my WIP in the evenings when everyone is in bed, but by that time of night my brain is fried.  I couldn't formulate a sentence if my life depended on it.  What's an Aspiring Novelist to do?  Any suggestions would be welcomed.  Until next time, happy writing.