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The Finish Line

Hello Everyone, hope life is treating you well.  Seems hard to believe it's time for another Insecure Writer's Group Post.  What's even harder to believe is it's been two months since I've updated my blog.  I know there's no excuse for such neglect, but all I can say is the majority of my free time has been devoted to writing my novel.  Unfortunately, I'm still about three to four chapters short of my goal to complete it by April.

 I attribute some of this to writer's block.  There have been days where I was rearing to go, but when I sat in front of my computer could not articulate a sentence to save my life.  These types of sessions seem to be more frequent lately.  In fact, I've found that the more eager I am to complete my novel, the worse the block becomes.  Being so close to the finishing line makes me want to write through it, but I'm not sure that's the correct course of action.

I'm insecure about the above noted obstacles.  They make me feel like the end to a very long writing journey will never come. Have any of you been in my situation?  If so, I'd welcome any and all suggestions that would help me get back on track.  Until next time my friends, happy writing.  


  1. There's nothing wrong with taking time from the blog to get your writing done. Something I need to do, myself.

    Welcome back!

    1. Thanks, Mark. I just feel so guilty when I neglect my blog. Thanks for dropping by to comment on my post.

  2. I have not written from two days. Need to catch up with 2 days' worth word count.

    Visiting from the IWSG.

    1. Yes, Rachna sounds like you have some catching up to do. I'm of the mind, if you can do it, great. If not, don't beat yourself up too hard. There will be plenty of time to write. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog.

  3. Hi Andrea!

    Ah- yes, the magic of inspiration. From whence it comes, we do not know.

    Your novel will complete itself, all by itself. So smile:) And Bravo, lady for doing as much as you have!

    I love it when authors say they hav'nt been around due to working on their novels. That in itself gives a thrill and a spark to the writer in me.

    Sometimes it helps to do just nothing, and take a break from everything, and then return with fresh eyes. Maybe one morning a thought, or bird in the sky may suddenly move you to write. Maybe you needed to stew on the ending of your novel a little while, for a reason.

    As for blogging. I don't think it really matters any more how long you have been away from it. Somehow, when you do show up, something shows up to recognise it. The time space thing inbetween, doesn't seem to matter. (At least, that is what I am beginning to recognise. And that's a good thing, for as authors we should be writing.) Blogging uses a different side of the brain, and so stops the creative writing process. And it's okay to do that, once you have established yourself a bit as you have. So I don't thik we should feel guilty for not blogging. We should all just Blog when we feel like it:)

    Gee! I hav'nt blogged since last June/July I think, but I occasionally make a blog comment here and there, or read a few without commenting, and I might Twitter and FB once in a while.

    A lot of writers are not blogging as much as they use too. Have you noticed? But when we do blog, its just back in the saddle. Everyone is still there. Anyways, I think it depends on how you look at it. (A pebble makes a reaction when thrown in the river, regardless.)

    I still have a lot of traffic, passing by my blog. It's the same blog post you commented on, around Xmas, just with added little update notes. And with that said, I hope to get round to e-mailing you later with some art info- at last.

    Yeah, I've been wearing a lot of different hats, lately.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Hi Jacqueline, sorry I didn't respond sooner. My server has been down. I had about 300 e-mails to sift through this morning.

      As always, you've certainly provided lots of food for thought. Perhaps my brain is unconsciously working through some of the final plot points. Although I've outlined them, as you know it's all in the presentation(:

      Of course you're right about the blogging. However, it's difficult to keep the guilt at bay when I fall short on a commitment. Guess I'll just have to learn to get over it.(:

      Yes, please send me the link about the art. Thanks for stopping in to comment on my blog. Take care.

  4. I have taken breaks from my blog for similar reasons. When I have a lot of trouble focusing to get through a part of a story, I take a break from the story for a few weeks and focus on my writing routine. That is, I work on making certain I have a series of behaviors that lead up to writing (breakfast, a walk, watering the garden) and at the culmination I write a short story or a side project. The goal there is to train my brain that "this is the time to write," then, one day the next step of the main WIP just comes. The routine breaks down the barrier between that super jazzed part of the brain and the conscious and insecure part of the brain. Oh, and I've had so much experience with this the last few years! Due in part to life's stresses making me doubt myself far too easily. Good Luck! I'm sure you'll finish and it will be spectacular.

    1. Hi Drea, sorry I haven't responded sooner, but my server has been down. This morning I sifted through 300 e-mails.

      Sage advice you gave. Sometimes it helps to give the mind a little break from the WIP, helps my mind to regroup. However, as a linear thinker it's difficult to start other writing projects until I've finished the first.

      Anywho, thsnks for stopping in to comment on my blog. Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

  5. Never experienced writers block myself, but that could be because I'm an plotter (outliner) and I pretty much know where I headed right out of the gate. :)

    1. I hear ya, DL. I also outline, otherwise my plot would be all over the place, but at the end of the day I still have to transfer the ideas into prose. Although I know what I need to write, there are times I get bogged down in details, etc. some days I just don't have it in me to formulate a sentence. Guess that's my brains way of forcing me to take a break.(: thanks for stopping by to comment on my blog.

  6. My post this month is related to writer's block as well. I went through a similar experience last year when I was finishing my first novel. I ended up putting a brief outline/ sketch of the last few chapters so that I could relax and say my first draft was done. I went back to it a short while later and was able to fill out the final few chapters. By saying it was already a complete draft I took all the pressure off myself.

    1. Hi Rachael, thanks for stopping in to comment on my blog. You have given me lots of food for thought. Although I've worked through the last bout of writer's block, if it hits again I'm gonna try your approach. Take care and best wishes on publishing our novel.


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