Wednesday, July 6, 2016

ISWG: A Case of The Hum Drums

It's time for the monthly installment of the ISWG hosted by the illustrious Alex J. Cavanaugh 
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Well, it's been slow going but I'm on chapter six of my new novel and I'm not very excited about it. Seriously, I'm unsure if it's the sunshine or the long days, but I haven't felt much like writing lately.  The mere thought of it seems hum drum.   In fact, I've had to force myself to peck away at my novel.  The results of this are similar to going to the gym--after a dreaded work out I feel like a million bucks. Yet, each day I still struggle to make myself write.

 I'm insecure that if I continue down this road, I might give up writing all together.  Has anyone else felt this way?  If so, I'd welcome any and all advice about how you overcame the writing hum drum's.  Until next time my friends.  Happy writing.  

This month's theme was to post the best compliment I've received on my work.  Short and sweet of it, posted below is a rejection letter from an editor at a small publishing house who read my book PAWN OF THE GODS.  Although the company didn't pick me up, the editor's words inspired me to write-on.  We'll see how the second novel turns out, LOL.

Dear Andrea,
We thank you for considering SkyAzure Publishing for your book. We are very sorry for the delay in responding, this does happen occasionally when we receive high numbers of submissions. We have thoroughly reviewed your work and, although it was very interesting and enjoyable, we feel we are not able to take it any further. As a small independent publishing house, we can only commit to a very small list every year. Due to the demanding level of production we feel is deserved by each and every author we take on, we think it would be inappropriate to accept submissions just because the work is good. Quite often we are already working on similar books, do not have enough expertise in the subject area, or the most suitable editor has already filled their quota. There are a whole host of reasons for rejection and quite often rejection is no indication of quality or talent. We at SkyAzure regret that we are unable to accept this piece on this occasion. We wish you well in placing your work.

On a personal note, I have to say I came close on this one. I am disappointed I am unable to work with you. I do believe some stories should be told and some books have something special to say, this is one of them. Unfortunately, however, this is a very subjective business and quite often we editors make decisions based on what is in the best interests of the company and the goals it has set. Please do not take this rejection as an indication that the quality of your work was not respected. I hope you find an editor who is in a position to offer you the passion you deserve in bringing your book to publication. I would urge you to keep writing and, although we cannot and do not endorse any other company, there are many options available should you not find a traditional publishing house able to commit:

Editorial services are available, these can easily be found by doing a quick internet search. Finding a good editor/agent will help to improve your work and overall proposal, although I’m not really sure that is needed in this case. There are also self-publishing routes like Amazon etc. Also, there are some pay to publish services, such as Copyhouse Press (, who seem to offer a very jargon free, cost effective, publishing route which will reach far more prospective buyers/readers than that of self-publishing through Amazon. Again, always do your research.
Best of luck in placing your book.
Jack Kraster
SkyAure Publishing
Submissions Team