Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day...Just Kiss Already

Hello Everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful Valentines Day.  I celebrated with my hubby yesterday.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and good conversation at a local restaurant.  Although I don't need a designated holiday to show my love for him, it is still nice to have an excuse to do so.

On this wonderful occasion for lovers, Steena Holmes and Christina over at Write-Brained are holding a Just Kiss Already Blogfest.   The entry requirements are simple. An author must post an excerpt of a kissing scene from either her own work, or someone elses.  I decided to post one from a piece I completed a couple years ago.  It's a love scene between Spanish Conquistador, Domingo Mendoza and Chel, a young Mayan girl.  In a nutshell, she wants to accompany him to the Americas.  Although Domingo loves her, he has reservations about taking a woman on such a dangerous journey.  Here goes nothing:

Domingo sprang from the bed and blocked Chel's path.  He wanted to resist her beauty, to respect her as a gentleman respects a lady, but he pulled her closer in spite of himself.  Domingo's lips brushed against Chel's full mouth.  Her sweet, warm breath washed over his skin, sending a surge of heat and desire through his loins.  The tip of his tongue wandered over her soft, bidding lips, tentative and soft at first, then the urgence of his need gave way to desire as his mouth found hers completely.  The young beauty moaned under his embrace. 

Well, that's all folks.  I hate writing love scenes.  Yeah, I know, it's cheesy and needs work.  I'd be interested to know what could improve it.  Thank goodness there aren't too many in my book.  I'm off to see what others have done.  If you get the chance stop over at Steena's or Christines and show your support. Until next time, Happy Writing.